Generate type definition for matrix-js-sdk

Generate type definition for matrix-js-sdk

The generator and the generated type definitions are available at GitHub.

On Feb 2020, @huan contribute his type definition to DefinitelyTyped @types/matrix-js-sdk, you can compare and choose one.


Matrix is a decentralized IM protocol, the matrix-js-sdk is the official SDK for this protocol. Back time to Nov 2019, I need to integrate this SDK into my working project.

As a TypeScript fan, work with a huge library with totally no typing is a pain so I was going to look for @types/matrix-js-sdk. Unfortunately, there is none. I also looked for the GitHub issues and found [TypeScript] Typing Support. @huan supplied a hand-written type definition, I tried it in our project, and found too few APIs is typed, and somehow becomes useless.

The matrix-js-sdk is well-documented with JSDoc, and in Typescript 3.7 there is a new feature that allows developers to generate declaration file for JS projects. Therefore, I decided to generate one.

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